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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Outfit

An elegant pair of gold dangling earrings can give you a graceful appearance in a simple black dress. It can transform your modest appearance into a sophisticated look to mark your presence at an event.

Your jewelry and accessories are an essential part of your ensemble to give you a stylish look. You may not spend hours selecting them; however, just a few minutes to pick the right one that fits your dress, personality, and occasion will go a long way.

To make this journey easier, you can purchase jewelry and accessories based on your wardrobe and personality to craft a personalized collection. This way, you have a better understanding of the elements you have and blend them wisely for the type of look you want.

You need to pair your accessories just like your bra. For instance, wearing a strapless bra under an off-shoulder dress. You cannot wear a sports bra under it, right?

Similarly, you cannot carry a funky clutch in your collection to a corporate lunch. Instead, you can carry it to a casual lunch outing with your friends and pick a sleek handbag for the corporate outing.

Here is a quick guide that can ease your decision-making process:

1. Jewelry

A woman’s jewelry box reveals a lot about her personality. From gold to silver and long to short, all kinds of pieces of jewelry hold a different kind of significance on to your aura. You can buy pieces of jewelry based on your skin tone, apparel, and consider special occasions.

A simple gold chain, silver necklace, and ruby or emerald set are signature pieces you can include in your jewelry box.

2. Earrings

Consider your face cut while purchasing earrings. You can purchase drops, studs, long danglers, or hoops based on your face cut, outfit, and occasion. Alongside these, you have to consider the material as gold and silver tend to be the best and most durable picks for sensitive skin. Above all, these materials are suitable for all skin tones.

However, the best way to buy good earrings is to try them on and check how you look in them and if they itch your skin or not.

3. Rings

Ever heard that small things matter a lot? Yes, they do just like your rings. Every woman has a different personality, you can pick rings based on your aura. For instance, if you prefer a hassle-free approach, then a minimal ring would be the right purchase.

On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to flaunt your aura, then a statement ring would be a good alternative.

While purchasing rings it is important to consider the right fit. A loose-fitted ring is just like loose-fitted panties, they make you uncomfortable.

4. Necklaces

A plain neckline can appear elegant with the right necklace style. You have a wide array of necklace options from chokers to long pendant necklaces. You can wear a simple chain necklace for daily purposes. On the other hand, you can wear a choker necklace for a dress with a low neckline.

While choosing a necklace consider the length and its size to avoid mismatching it with the wrong apparel.

5. Handbags

There are a variety of handbags styles available for you. For instance, a tote bag for women allows you to carry multiple things in a hassle-free way, while a cross-body clutch gives you a trendy and hassle-free approach.

When it comes to purchasing handbags, you have to analyze the design, fabric, color, price, and durability aspects just like when choosing your lingerie. 

6. Small Purses

Clutches, cross-body slings, and satchels are a few popular types of small purses to include in your collection. Each of these bags can be picked for specific purposes and events. Sleek and fashionable clutches are best suited for elegant events. On the contrary, cross-body fancy slings can be picked while touring or exploring cities.

While selecting your small purse for the day, you have to consider must-haves in your bag, apparel, and your event location.

7. Lingerie

Did you know that even your lingerie is a great fashion accessory! Here are lingerie considerations while planning your outfit.

From women’s shapewear to bras, there are several elements to consider in your lingerie collection. You have to practice the art of blending comfort and fashion while choosing bras, panties, and other accessories.

Brands like Wacoal lingerie can be a one-stop destination to offer you good-quality, comfortable, and durable lingerie for all occasions. Size, color, bra style, and quality are a few aspects to consider while purchasing your lingerie.


What Is the Best Accessory for Women?

From handbags to rings, you have several accessories to pick from, however, the best accessory and luxury for women is your lingerie. The right bra and panty make it easier to survive rough days. You can walk with confidence at an exhausting event if you have worn comfortable undergarments.

Every woman has a different comfort level and hence you need a brand like Wacoal to meet your comfort needs within your budget.

How Do I Choose a Bra Design?

You will find different bra designs and styles available online which can sometimes be confusing. However, the best way to pick the right bra design is to prioritize your comfort and outfit style.

Firstly, check out the neck and shoulder pattern of your dress or top, and then pick a bra style accordingly. And secondly, check whether the bra is comfortable, fits you perfectly and provides you room to move around. You can browse through the Wacoal website to explore different bra designs and styles available in your size.