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Travelling can be an exciting and refreshing experience, but it also demands careful planning and packing. Choosing the correct travel bag is one of the most important decisions before leaving on your adventure. There are various elements to consider when buying travel bags in India, whether from an online store or a market, to ensure you choose the best travel companion. This detailed travel bag buying guide will review the eight most essential items to consider when buying travel bags.

Travel bags

1. Purpose of Travel

The purpose of your journey heavily influences the type of travel bag you require. Are you going on a weekend trip, a business trip, or a long vacation? The size and style of the bag you should purchase will be determined by the length and nature of your trip. A tiny backpack or handbag may suffice for short travels, whereas larger luggage or duffel bags may be required for longer journeys. 

2. Bag Size and Capacity

The size of your travel bag should correspond to your packing requirements. Make a list of your travel essentials, such as clothing, toiletries, electronics, and any particular goods you may require, before you go shopping. Ensure your bag has adequate compartments and storage space to hold your items comfortably. Remember that a slightly larger bag is preferable to one that forces you to jam your belongings, potentially ruining them.

3. Right Bag Type

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this topic, as your decision will be influenced by your own preferences as well as the nature of your trip.


Backpacks are useful for hands-free mobility. They're a great option for travellers who prefer to explore on foot or who require easy access to their possessions. For increased comfort on lengthy treks or climbs, look for backpacks with padded straps and ergonomic designs.


Suitcases are perfect for business travellers or those who need to dress up. They have plenty of room for clothing and frequently have divisions for greater organisation. Hardshell suitcases are more robust and protect fragile objects, whilst soft-sided luggage is more versatile.

Duffel Bags:

Duffel bags are a good compromise between the ease of backpacks and the spaciousness of suitcases. They are ideal for adventurers looking for a bag that can take a variety of journeys.

4. Material and Durability

The material of your travel bag is an essential aspect of its longevity. Nylon, polyester, leather, and canvas are all common materials. Each has its own set of benefits:

Nylon and polyester:

These fabrics are lightweight, water-resistant, and simple to clean, making them appropriate for most travel situations.


Leather bags are stylish and long-lasting but are heavier and require more upkeep.


Canvas bags are tough and have a traditional look, but synthetic materials may be more weather-resistant.

When selecting the correct material for your luggage, consider the climate and activities you'll face on your trip:

5. Wheels or No Wheels

If you choose a suitcase, you must decide between wheeled and non-wheeled suitcases. Wheeled luggage, often equipped with two or four wheels, provides improved mobility and makes it easier to navigate airports and congested streets. Non-wheeled versions, on the other hand, are often lighter and have more packing space because they do not require space for the wheels.

6. Security Features

Safety is of the utmost importance when travelling, so seek bags with strong security measures. Many modern travel bags include TSA-approved locks to keep your valuables safe. Bags with locked zippers and secret pockets can also provide extra theft protection. 

7. Weight of the Bag

When flying, every kilogram matters because airlines frequently have severe weight limits for checked and carry-on baggage. Excess baggage fees can be avoided by using a lightweight travel bag. Remember that some bags are designed to be lightweight, while others prioritise durability, so choose the right balance for you. 

8. Budget Considerations

Last but not least, when buying travel bags, keep your budget in mind. Prices might vary greatly depending on the brand, material, and features. While it may be tempting to splurge on a high-end purse, remember that great solutions are available at all price levels. Set a budget appropriate for your needs and stick to it to make a wise purchase.

Finally, buying travel bags is a decision that should be taken carefully, considering your travel demands and tastes. This shopping guide should help you select whether you buy travel bags in India or from an online fashion store. To ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience, prioritise size, kind, material, and security measures. You'll be ready to start on your trips with confidence and style if you have the perfect travel bag by your side. Our travel bag buying guide will help you make the right decision. We also offer a wide range of bags like handbags, clutch bags and more.

Travel Bags

FAQs: Buying Travel bags in India

Is buying travel bags online in India safe?

Yes, you can easily buy travel bags online in India. Numerous e-commerce websites offer various travel bags to suit different needs and budgets. Read product descriptions and customer reviews, and check the return policy before purchasing online. 

What are some travel essentials when packing a travel bag?

Travel essentials vary depending on the type and duration of your trip. Still, some everyday items include clothing, toiletries, a travel-sized first aid kit, a travel adapter, a passport, and any necessary documents or tickets. It's essential to make a checklist based on your specific travel requirements. 

Are backpacks suitable for all types of travel?

Backpacks are versatile and suitable for various types of travel, including backpacking, hiking, city exploration, and even some business trips. However, there may be better choices for formal events or trips that require a significant amount of formal attire.