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We are already halfway through the summer days, basking and soaking it all in its glory. One of the staples of the sunny season is none other than sunglasses. They're an evergreen fashion accessory for women, a protective covering for your eyes from harmful UV rays and a must-have summertime complement for your outfits.

So, if you still need to add one or a few of the many types of sunglasses to your summer collection, here are some tips to ideally choose sunglasses for your face. So you can make an informed decision and add brownie points to your style quotient.

5 Tips To Choose Sunglasses For Your Face

When shopping for sunglasses, many pick the shape we like the most. However, it's essential to consider more than just the style when choosing the perfect pair of shades. Here are 5 top tips to help you choose from different types of women's sunglasses.

1. Experiment With Different Types Of Sunglasses

Not every type of sunglasses complements every face shape. It helps to choose shades that balance and complement your face shape proportions, improve facial symmetry, highlight your best features, and provide overall comfort.

You can find the perfect pair of women's sunglasses by trying different options at Accessorize London. Check out the 8 best sunglasses for women in india for more helpful insights.

2. Always Go For The Benefits Of Polarised Sunglasses

There are numerous benefits of polarised sunglasses on your eyes. Especially on a sunny summer day, they protect you from harmful UV rays, block the glare, reduce reflections, and increase colour perception. This is why they benefit anyone participating in activities under direct sunlight or near a water body.

So, should you go for a polarised pair of sunglasses or a non-polarised one? Whether you spend much time in the sun or not, owning at least one pair of polarised glasses is essential. Moreover, different types of sunglasses are available in polarised format to help you achieve that breezy and practical summer look.

3. Picking The Right Size Matters!

Size is crucial in style and ease when choosing sunglasses for your face. Always wear sunglasses that fit well and won’t slip off the bridge of your nose and pinch behind the ears. Consider frame width, temple length, lens width, and bridge length to choose the right sunglasses size.

4. Comfort Never Goes Out Of Style

When your sunglasses fit you perfectly, you’re more likely to wear them regularly, thus helping you better protect yourself from harsh sun rays. Moreover, a comfortable pair of sunglasses for women will seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle without any distractions or the need to constantly fit them due to the fear of slipping.

5. Consider Your Lifestyle And Occasions

Lastly, choosing the ideal sunglasses entails considering your lifestyle and the occasion you will wear them. For example, sunglasses with sturdy, angular and wide frames might be the best choice if you have an active, outdoorsy lifestyle. Choosing a fitting pair will provide you with style compliments while ensuring functionality.

Different Types Of Sunglasses To Match Your Vibe

Now that we know how to pick the right one let's explore the different types of sunglasses for women and jazz up their styles to the most suitable one!

Stay Cool With Trendy Cateye Sunglasses

As the name suggests, cat-eye sunglasses have Uplifted outer edges and rounded bottoms reminiscent of a cat's eye shape. These types of sunglasses are trendy summertime choices that offer adequate sun protection without compromising on fashion.

Choose sunglasses for your face if you are going for that retro and cool summer vibe, have a round, diamond, or square face shape, and, most importantly, believe that they work well with your outfit style.

Aviator Sunglasses For That Timeless Style

Initially, Aviator sunglasses were for pilots and have come a long way from their roots since then. Distinctive markers for this type of sunglasses are tear-drop-shaped large lenses framed into thin metal rims. Their timeless style will complement any summer outfit.

You choose sunglasses for your face, especially if you have a heart-shaped or square facial structure. However, different types of sunglasses in the aviator design are usually flattering for almost any face shape.

Go Beautifully Bold With Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses have designs that show off big blocky lenses with equal frame sides. While the shape of these types of sunglasses sounds a bit bulky, it is not true. In reality, they come in soft angular corners, which perfectly complement their bold shape.

Choose sunglasses for your face if you have a round or oval face shape, as they give a contrasting look.

Oversized Sunglasses To Make A Statement

Oversized sunglasses are one of the best choices to accentuate your summer style. These sunglasses come in big, oversized frames and lenses that also help protect your eyes from UV rays. Choose these sunglasses for your face if you're going for that mysterious and bold style, as they are versatile and go with any face.


Do sunglasses make you look more attractive?

Yes, wearing the correct type of sunglasses can make you look more attractive as they add symmetry, mystery and confidence to your face and overall look.

Are polarised sunglasses suitable for every day?

Yes, wearing them every day is a great option; there are several benefits of polarised sunglasses, such as blocking sun rays and intense glare during summer and easing the strain on the eyes.