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Hair clips are indispensable hair accessories that can impart sophistication, allure, or a lighthearted element to any hairstyle. Discerning from traditional bobby pins to daring barrettes, an extensive assortment of hair clips exists to accommodate any preference or aesthetic. This blog will provide guidance on how to incorporate different types of hair clips for women into your daily ensembles.

Different Kinds of Hair Clips

1. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are timeless and multipurpose hair attachments available in an array of hues and sizes. They are ideal for constructing intricate updos, securing unruly strands, and adding dimension to hairstyles. Bobby pins, whether in vibrant hues to complement an ensemble or elegant metallic pins, are indispensable accessories for individuals of all hair types and styles.

2. Claw Clips

Claw clips are fashionable and practical hair clips for girls available in an array of sizes and styles. They facilitate the creation of half-up hairstyles that appear seamless and can be used to secure thick hair in a bun or ponytail. A touch of sophistication can be achieved with claw clips adorned with crystals or pearls; for a more daring appearance, choose oversized designs that make a statement.

3. Barrettes

Barrettes are ornamental hair attachments available in an extensive variety of designs, spanning from understated motifs to elaborate embellishments. Whether you have your hair down or in an updo, they are ideal for imparting an air of sophistication to your personal appearance. Barrettes featuring dazzling crystals, floral motifs, or geometric forms will add visual interest to your ensemble.

4. Crocodile Hair Clips

Crocodile clips are resilient and adaptable hair clips available in a variety of sizes and designs. Whether you're styling thick or curly hair into a voluminous updo or a sleek ponytail, they're ideal for securing it in position. For added grip, search for alligator clips with canines; to add flair to your hairstyle, choose designs with embellishments or patterns.

5. Snap Clips

Snap clips are compact, colourful hair attachments that are both practical and simple to operate. They are ideal for adding a splash of colour to your hairstyle or securing small sections of hair. Snap clips are remarkable accessories that cater to individuals of all ages, as they are suitable for both infants and adults.

6. Jaw Clips

Jaw clips are robust hair attachments available in an assortment of sizes and styles. Whether you have thick or long hair in a ponytail, half-up, or bun, they are ideal for securing it in position. Smooth-edged jaw clips with a secure hold will prevent your hair from being snagged or pulled.

7. Slide Clips

Slide clips are an assortment of sizes and designs of streamlined, minimalist hair clips. They are ideal for adding discreet detail to your hairstyle or securing small sections of hair. Slide clips are essential components of any hair accessory collection due to their adaptability to various hair types and styles.

8. Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips are whimsy and lighthearted hair accessories for girls featuring vibrant hues and a butterfly-shaped design. Whether your hair is pulled back or in an updo, these accessories are ideal for introducing a whimsical element to your look. Suitable for both children and adults, butterfly clips are adaptable accessories for any occasion.


Hair clips are multipurpose adornments that can enhance the aesthetic appeal, practicality, and style of any hairstyle. There is a hair clip to accommodate any aesthetic inclination or event, including statement barrettes, traditional bobby pins, and whimsical butterfly clips. By incorporating various types of hair clips into your daily ensembles, you can enhance your hairstyle and boldly exhibit your individual style. Buy amazing and stylish hair accessories for women and girls only at Accessorize London.


FAQs: Different Kinds of Hair Clips

What are the different types of hair clips available for women?

There are various types of hair clips for women, including bobby pins, claw clips, barrettes, alligator clips, snap clips, jaw clips, French barrettes, slide clips, and butterfly clips. Each type offers unique designs and functionalities, catering to different hair types and styles.

How do I choose the right type of hair clip for my hairstyle?

When choosing a hair clip, consider the hairstyle you want to achieve and your hair type. For example, if you have thick hair, opt for sturdy clips like claw clips or jaw clips that can securely hold your hair in place. If you're looking for a sleek and elegant option, French barrettes or slide clips may be the perfect choice. Experiment with different types of clips to find the ones that best suit your needs and style preferences.

Are hair clips suitable for girls as well as women?

Yes, hair clips are suitable for both girls and women. There are various types of hair clips for women designed specifically for girls, such as snap clips and butterfly clips, which are smaller in size and often come in colourful designs. Women can also use these clips to add playful touches to their hairstyles or secure small sections of hair. Additionally, sophisticated options like barrettes and French barrettes are popular among women for adding elegance to their hairstyles.