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Rs. 627.00 Regular price Rs. 895.00

Accessorize London Girl's Five-Colour Highlighter Roller Stamp

Rs. 627.00 Regular price Rs. 895.00
Keep them focused as they revise at home with this piece in their pencil case. Featuring five different colours, each petal of this flower-shaped highlighter unveils a roller stamp to decorate their pages with a magical print (and plenty of colour).

Outer: 90% Polypropylene (Pp); 5% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate; 5% Ink


W 41 cm x L 10 cm

Country of Origin


Care Instructions

1. Keep away from perfumes,spray and soap
2. Store in a zip lock bag when not in use to prevent discolouration
3. Clean your jewellery often with Damp cloth and wipe with dry soft fabric.

SKU: MA-68343499001