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Rs. 748.00 Regular price Rs. 1,495.00

Accessorize London Girl's Tiara And Wand Dress Up Set

Rs. 748.00 Regular price Rs. 1,495.00
Updating the fancy dress box? Opt for this two piece fairy dress-up set, featuring a crown headband and of course...a magic wand! To the headband is a sparkling glitter crown adorned with a heart diamanté, whilst the wand twinkled with a shining star.

Outer: 30% Polyethylene ( Pe); 25% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene; 25% Wood; 20% Polyester


L 41 cm

Country of Origin


Care Instructions

1. Keep away from perfumes,spray and soap
2. Store in a zip lock bag when not in use to prevent discolouration
3. Clean your jewellery often with Damp cloth and wipe with dry soft fabric.

SKU: MA-58305781001