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Rs. 1,773.00 Regular price Rs. 3,545.00

Accessorize London Women's Natural Holly Supersoft Blanket

Rs. 1,773.00 Regular price Rs. 3,545.00
Keep the winter chill at bay while looking absolutely fabulous with this scarf, designed in a super-soft fabric. Simply layer it on over your jacket or coat for a pop of colour (and warmth). Natural

Outer: 80% Polyester; 20% Viscose


W 65 cm x L 180 cm

Country of Origin


Care Instructions

1. Always hand wash the delicated scarves. Gently swirl your scarf under the water for two minutes, then rinse by submerging it in clean cold water. 2. Hang your scarf out of direct sunlight and allow to dry naturally.

SKU: MA-48704811001